Halloween - Keeping the DIY Crafts Going

I made a resolution some time ago to DIY some type of holiday décor for the bigger holidays. It helps me keep a festive home and definitive time to site down and make something.

I kept Halloween decorations this year very simple, Jeff is always at work and it's not like we are having tons of family or friends over since we just moved so far, far away. BUT, I did manage to make something small, just to keep the promise to myself in tact.

I am going to have fun with fire place mantels while living here. It's a perfect little spot to give a bit of holiday cheer.

The item I made this year was this cute "BOO" paper fan. See, I told you it was little. I just feel silly going out and buying pumpkins or expensive decorations when it'd really just be for me. I don't think Jeff even notices when I put stuff like this up, ha ha. Maybe when we have kids I'll feel comfortable turning up the volume on holiday decorations. 

This plate is from my wonderful sister-in-law Natalie from one of her many worldly travels. I absolutely love it! Jeff brought home this skull from a trip he took down to California with one of his buddies earlier this year.

Then I brought out some of my "fall" decorations that I'll have up until Thanksgiving. Slowly adding to the collection. I actually ended up selling or donating a good portion of my holiday decorations when we moved. Now I have an excuse to craft up some more.

Pinterest Pickings

I'll admit that the above is barely worth blogging about, but I like to keep myself honest to my DIY resolution. Below are some links I spotted on Pinterest with some cooler DIY Halloween decorations. I'm already saving empty glass jars and cereal boxes (for the cardboard) to make us some of these.
Tin can lanterns found here . . .
Glass jar and tissue paper lanterns found here . . .
Cardboard and scrap paper sign here . . .

This amazing wreath has already been sold from THIS shop here, but it gives a great idea for a DIY.

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