Pinterest Pickings- Yards and Yards

Me and a couple of my lady friends (holla) are having a multi-family Yard Sale this weekend. It is one of those things keeping me very busy as of late. It is a lot of work! And I probably won’t make much, but man, cleaning out this ol’ house feels liberating. And I’m always game for having a sale (and donating the rest) rather than trashing perfectly good items. It’s been a couple of years since I had a decent Yard Sale and another one is definitely needed.

In honor of my hours and hours of sweat putting this thing together, this Pinterest Picking is full of Pins on how to have a successful Yard Sale.

Advice found here

& here

Tips here
Genius ideas here
Tips & printables here
Some of the tips repeat themselves and then some of them were like 'Ah ha'! Hope all goes well this weekend!
If you would like to come to our Yard Sale, check out our post on Craigslist for more details.

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