Music Monday- what I'm listening to lately

I love finding new music (or new to me music). I'm constantly listening to something at work to make it through the day, or using it to calm, pump me up, or energize myself as needed. It is a great tool. I've been stressed lately, with lots of things to do, so these guys below have been the perfect albums to listen to, upbeat tempos but still calm and collected.

Bastille- Pompeii

Two Door Cinema Club-What You Know

Ellie Goulding- Joy

The Neighborhood- Sweater Weather

They also seem to be swaying on the British side. I'm feelin' it.

I have lots to blog about, lots of changes happening in the Bame house, but will have to wait a little while to blog about it. First I NEED TIME and things to get a little more settled. Enjoy the tunes :)

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