Jeff's Mystery Science Theater 30K -30th Birthday Party

This post is very overdue. My Jeffery had his 30th birthday this past October. I can’t believe we are getting so old. I still feel like we're 24 and just got married, but alas, time has caught up to us and we turned 30 this year!

I really wanted to go on vacation for his birthday and do something BIG for him, but the recent purchase of a new car squashed any travel plans (RIP my beloved Tacoma, hello new Ford truck). Instead of vacationing, I planned a party - of course! This kid gets parties like every year I swear. We had a Mystery Science Theater 30K party theme going on this year. I tried my best not to make it childish, but was only somewhat succeeded.

We started the night by opening his presents. Thanks to my amazing sister, I actually have good birthday pictures of him this year.

 The decorations were kind of science-themed. At the party we set up a handful of dinner tables in my mother-in laws back yard and with his new birthday present - a movie/tv/gaming projector- we watched Mystery Science Theater episodes while we ate and chatted. Jeff’s brother made his famously delicious hamburgers and the rest of us pot lucked goodies for everyone to enjoy.

I made sure there was a bunch of festive streamers, mysterious glowing orbs in the pool (balloons with glow sticks in them), and movie-theater-themed treats for table center pieces. Mine, and I also the party guests, favorite part was the drink table though. I put science-like labels on two liter soda bottles and had a bunch of crazy wierd straws and cups to drink with. As the guests parting gift they got to take their cup home with them (Jeff’s idea). It seemed like a big hit. All the cups were different and in some weird way - hilarious. (I scoured local thrift stores for them and washed them up before the party.)

 We all had a bunch of fun, except for poor Scout. She isn’t a fan of parties and she was getting mauled by my sisters all night- ha ha. She still is the custest dog in the whole wide world though!

 I think it helped Jeff realize he is 30? Maybe not though, his wife does still throw him child-like themed parties, but parties are just so much more fun that way! I promised him I would NOT throw him another party next year. It will be a hard promise to keep. Maybe I’ll take him out for dinner at a nice restaurant or something. He is so awesome and deserves the best! Can't wait to spend time with him and the rest of the family tomorrow at Thanksgiving. Hope you and yours also have a wonderful turkey day!

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