Fall Crafts (Halloween and Thanksgiving)

Another overdue post, figured I'd better get it up before Fall was over! This year I have been trying to make/create/buy at least one decorative item for each holiday. I crafted up some small decoration for Halloween and Thanksgiving this year but forgot to post them - you know to prove to myself that I actually am following through with my promise to myself.

First up, Halloween. I knew I wanted to do something similar to this post that I saw on Pinterest, but without the $10 craft pumpkin price (our dollar tree doesn't have cool pumpkins, so the $10 Michaels pumpkins was all I could find). So I came up with this idea …

1)      Hit up Targets dollar section for two ugly glittery pumpkins for a few bucks.

2)      Get a “scary” book from the thrift store for fifty cents.

3)      Cut out a few scary sounding pages and modge podge them to the pumpkins (not pictured, my hands were covered with glue). Use some already on hand hemp to coil around the pumpkins stump.

4)      Put some dollar store moss where the stem meets the pumpkin to hide any imperfections and let dry.

Easy peasy. Some cute pumpkins to spruce up my kitchen.
Next, Thanksgiving. When I was at Target purchasing my gaudy pumpkins I also purchased a wreath and pumpkin made from some wig-like material.
 So, I needed to decorate my wreath. I decided paper flowers and a festive banner would do the trick.

1)      Use the same thrift store book from above and make paper flowers.
2)      Draw swirl on page and cut out on the lines to start your flower.

3)      Starting at the outside edge, roll up the paper to make the flower and hot glue it in place (see Pinterest or any number of tutorials for how to make paper flowers.)

4)      Glue and pin paper flowers onto wreath. Make sure the pins do not poke through the wreath all the way. If they do, cut or bench the pokey ends that are coming all the way through with some wire cutters.

5)      Make banner with felt and sticker letters (purchased at Michaels). To make flags find a perfect square you may have around the house and trace it onto felt. Cut out felt squares. Fold over hemp string creating a triangle flag. Hot glue the inside of flag to one another so that it stays in place.

6)      Glue or place on sticker letters to create your desired phrase. Glue banner to wreath on the back side of the wreath with any desired swag.
Along with a few small purchases at my local thrift store (purchased on discount days) I was able to have a few seasonal decoration sprinkled throughout the house. I think in all I ended up spending $13 for everything I made or bought this year. Everything else I had on hand. It’s amazing how even small touches help bring in the holiday spirit.

So that is it. See Amber, I did it. Glad you posted it now that you're decorating for Christmas!

Hope you all had a marvelous Halloween and Thanksgiving!


Jen said...

You're so amazing with this stuff. It looks great! I especially love the wreath.

The Bames said...

Thanks Jen! YOU are amazing with your sewing and upholstery stuff. That takes talent and time! These take a few TV shows of time and . . . that is about it - haha.