I'm Old

I know, seems like all I've been taking about lately is my birthday. I just can't believe I'm really 30. When did that happen? I thought I'd be so much cooler by now! Honestly. But, I do want to share some more birthday stuff this week (last week I promise).

This year was a big birthday for me, so I wanted to do something a little different. Low and behold- Groupon came through for me! They had a great deal on a two night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel here in Las Vegas. I thought a staycation - where I did nothing but chill by the pool - sounded like a heavenly idea!

Jeff was a sweetie and upgraded the room for us when we checked in. It is probably the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in. HUGE bathroom, 2 TV's, nice seating area and big ol' COMFORTABLE bed. Afterward Jeff and I both agreed it may be time to upgrade our mattress at home, this bed was paradise!

We went to eat at Dicks with younger sisters our first night we checked in. It was pretty funny- it's a restaurant where the waiters are purposely rude to their guests. They also do funny hats- my sister's said "My Twilight underwear have skid marks." They were the most clever at the table. Jeff's said "What happens in my butt stays in my butt." and mine said "Ex-stripper."
The next night, on my actual birthday, we went to Bahama Breeze. It's a classic family favorite and is conveniently located by the Hard Rock. After dinner we went back to our hotel room and opened gifts from the family with some ice cream cake.

The main event though, and the reason for picking Hard Rock Hotel (along with the killer deal scored on Groupon) was for this  . . .

The pool at Hard Rock is pretty sweet, and I just sat and relaxed for 3 days at it! Let me show you it's amazingness.

Our Groupon deal came with a daybed by the main pool. It was cushy, had misters and a fair amount of shade from the palm trees. Jeff utilized it mostly to read his books. He does the same thing at the beach. I don't really get it?  I however, played with my sisters like we were little kids! (Well, J still is a kid, so she has a legit excuse.)

We went down the slide (not pictured, too much fun for camera phones).

We swam in the glass sided pool and took silly pictures . . .

Also took some sweet pic on the glass bottom pool . . .

Jeff even stopped by on occasion and participated in swimming and photo taking goodness.

I just used instagram the whole time. It was great, no worries that my nice camera would be swiped at the pool!

But after 3 days of swimming it was time to go and celebrate Independence Day. I thanked the Hard Rock for giving me one of my best birthdays ever! (Really only surpassed by my 19th Birthday in Hawaii.) And we went to Jeff's parents house to finish off the festivities.

Jeff's brother Spencer made his famous hamburgers (he makes the best hamburgers I've ever tasted), I got more gifts, we ate yummy food, Jeff swam some more, and we set off some fireworks.

Seriously, I could not have asked for a better birthday. it was so much fun! Somewhere in all that swimming we also fit in playing some dart, a few games of pool, movies, and exploring that huge rain shower and ginormous bathtub at the hotel. I think staycations are going to become a new tradition at the Bame house!

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