30 x 30 Completed . . . Kinda

Well, it's that time to see how I actually ended up doing on my 30 x 30 goals.

(italicized is something I've completed since my last post. Gray bolded text is new.)

So, I didn’t get my list done. That’s okay. I still think I did a lot more than I would have without making the goals. Jeff says it’s better to aim for the moon and miss than to aim for the ground.

So here is what I missed:

5) Lose 20 lbs, feel more fit. Lazy
12) Print the disposable camera pictures from our wedding- Didn’t print due to budgetary constraints.
14) Complete 5 crafts from the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts. Lazy.
15) Find at least 5 go-to recipes from "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cook Book." Lazy.
17) Write, record, memorialize my grandparents history. Started, not finished.
19) Decide if I'm going back to school and for what. I decided I can’t decide until at least Jeff is done with school. One person at a time.
25) Get preggo. Working on it, may take some time.
26) If preggo, decorate the cutest nursery ever! Maybe I will get to someday :)
29) Learn how to play my favorite piano song from the Sense and Sensibility movie. Lazy . . . and I have no piano.

Here is what I did that WASN’T on my list:

-Get a new job! (Tell you about it later)
-Paint the guest bathroom,
-Re-do the flooring after our flood (okay, technically Jeff did the work, but I picked the flooring out.)
-Decorate the guest bedroom,
-Upgrade our patio furniture,
-Finally buy a rug for the living room,
-Get a DOG, Scout!

And I’m sure I did lots of other stuff too. I was busy to say the least. I like making goals and would like to do something like this for this next year too, but am not sure what to do. I learned a lot about making goals for the future. Instead of trying to do 5 things from such and such, I need to just start with doing 1 thing. I also need to be more specific in some instances, like "pray more" and more vague in other areas.

This year I was thinking of making a list of things to accomplish each month instead of doing 31 things. I also thought about just trying to do 31 acts of service. Not sure where I’ll end up, and again, I may not succeed at everything, but I’ll do better than if I make no goals at all. I’ll keep you posted.

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