Pinterest Pickings - Halloweens frightenin'

This last year I have been trying to be more festive and get into decorating for the holidays (I CAN'T Wait for Christmas! Our house maybe decorated for two or three months!). BUT thanks to the Nevada State mandated furloughs finding the extra cash to fund these holiday decorations has become more of a challenge. I figure I'd rather save up for a new chair or table then spend on little things in the interim.

This is where I turned to my new trusty best friend Pinterest! Seriously, I am so addicted. I could close my facebook or myspace (yes, I still have a myspace) account and not even bat an eyelash, but this Pinterest stuff is SOOO ADDICTING! Love it! Any who, I searched around for some creative and frugal ways to celebrate for Halloween. If you read this blog then you know when I say frugal I pretty much mean free, right?

I also didn't have time to do a whole lot of festive decorating either, so in the end all I really ended up making was this . . .

and this . . .

If I more time I thought it would also have been fun to do these:

This modge podged pumpkin from Urban Daisies:

This scary decor from Muse Lodge

This cute little pumpkin from Dollar Store Crafts

And lastly this cute tutu wreath found on Google Images. So cute and so fun. Maybe next year I'll be able to find time to do a few more Halloween projects!

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