2010 EOY MIX

Every year Jeff makes an end of the year music mix with all of his favorite new music from the year. He burns a bunch of disks and gives them out with Christmas presents for friends and family. Here is his list this year written by Jeff for facebook:

1. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. Not a secret to many people. It was the song of the weekend when I visited my sister up in California. We saw a "white boy reggae" singer groovin' and singing along. I too love to sing and groove along. You may remember the song from 500 Days of Summer. Good movie.

2. My Own Sinking Ship by Good Old War. Trying to get all of my California trips out as soon as possible I guess. These guys were so fun in concert if you don't believe me just ask the two guys standing in front of us at the show.

3. Violent Dreams by Jump, Little Children. The California trip is done but Becky's hand is quite evident. I ran into the house to grab a CD to play in the new stereo the wife got me last Christmas and it was a 90's playlist made by my sister. This is the third or fourth track and it was my favorite reintroduction on the disc. It was my favorite song of the year that was not made this year. I have to turn it up and sing along. I am finding it hard to type right now as the song is playing. The title track for the CD (kind of) I love the lyric "She's hanging by a needle and a thread" "All my waking hours just to see you live through this sleepless night" Beautiful song. Hits home as it seems I am never sleeping.

4. Excuses by Morning Benders. If you download one song from my mix that was made this year, this should be that song. It has the feel of the song you think you've heard before. Amber asked me if it was an old song or if someone was covering an old song when she heard it. "I put no one else above us, we'll still be best friends when it all turns to dust" Good song. Classic melody.

5. After the Storm by Mumford & Sons. Beautiful heartfelt lyrics that made me cry the first time I heard this song. Persevere! One of my favorite albums of the year. Good band.

6. Breakneck Speed by Tokyo Police Club. I have been a fan of Tokyo Police club since I first heard their first EP. Perfect example of a band evolving and still very much rocking. Head bobbing fun and dancing is what inevitably comes from this song. Good to be back indeed.

7. Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National. Not sure how this song slipped past the Twilight people. The Baritone voice doesn't hurt. The song is the best from their new album which is all pretty good. And the first of two songs back to back about a dude taking his shirt off. Take from that what you will.

8. Lewis Takes His Shirt Off by Owen Pallett. As if it could be any other song about a dude taking off his shirt and preparing to defeat the being oppressing his people. You thought Colin Meloy could write a good story in a record, check out Heartland.

9. Generator (First Floor) by Freelance Whales. I love the way this song builds into something you never want to end. Kinda like a musical version of your proudest piece of Lego artwork.

10. I Can Change by LCD Soundsystem. I like the beat of this song and his dramatic singing. I went to the concert that Vegas couldn't give away tickets for. "Love is a curse shoved in a hearse," Cool song.

11. Citizen by Broken Bells. James Mercer has one of those voices and everything Danger Mouse touches turns to gold. Including this album and song.

12. What Part of Forever (Remix) by Cee Lo Green. Speaking of Danger Mouse collaborators. Cee Lo had a couple great songs this year including the one called "That song Gweneth Paltrow sang on Glee".

13. It Will All End In Tears by The Drums. Very Joy Division meets The Cure. I like the chorus for this song."Your eyes are always saying goodbye". Nice.

14. Nothing Like You by Frightened Rabbit. After having the title track on 2008 and coming just short of making 2009's playlist Frightened Rabbit is back. His voice is intoxicating. They were good live even though Amber and I were both tired (thanks beauty bar) We both had a good time and enjoyed the set despite it's many technical difficulties.

15. Bullet by Steel Train. Careful! This song will hit your brain like a bullet and you won't be able to get it out. "As long as you're here, together we can die alone" With all of its ooos and ahhhs it is catchy as an h, an e and a couple hockey sticks.

16. Goodnight Moon by Go Radio. If you are going to name a song after one of the most iconic children’s books it better be a good frackin' song. It is a good frackin' song. Perhaps the most emo of all of my entries, but it is soooo cute.

17. Barles + James by Band of Horses. Alright, I know that isn't the real name of the song, but that is what I call it and this is my mix. "The door stood as if it was standing guard, of a dozen 'chickmunks' in the backyard" Great imagery. Fantastic song from the soul.

18. Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. You have heard this song if you still watch commercials. I liked it best when they sang it live. Very friendly and cool all the way to their Bob Marley campfire sing-along (minus the campfire). Again, severely under attended by my fellow Las Vegans.

CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

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