Over the Halloween weekend we went to Carpinteria CA, just South of Santa Barbara, and camped with Jeff's family. We had an amazing time! It rained a lot all weekend but we still managed to have fun. The camp site was right on the beach so we spent our time boogie boarding, looking at tide pools, reading, and watching the sunset. It was so nice to just sit back and relax, I don't think we wanted to come home. We also went to visit a Mission up in Santa Barbara and walked the grounds there. When we go on vacations like this I always wonder why I live in a desert?

While we were there we got good news, our offer on a house has been accepted!! Looks like we will be home owners by the end of the year.


Luann said...

Yippee!!! The next few months will pass so quickly, Where is the new house, have fun making it a home.

THa camping trip looked like a blast.

Sarah said...

I wonder that same thing every time I go to California myself!