HELP! I am going through this crazy nesting phase right now! This shouldn't be a bad thing except that I am spending the majority of my time on designing blogs or googling "mid-century modern decor" images all day long. When I get like this it is very hard to focus, I just want to re-do every room in our apartment . . . and really in everyone else's house too. This usually results in spending too much of our budget on home decor and a lot of half finished projects. How do I focus or put an end to this madness?

I've been trying to focus by making this phase more of a personl design defining point, really looking at what I want my home to look like and how I want it to come together over the next few years. In this, I feel hopeless as well, I like way too many design eras and styles. My home will have to be eclectic to fit everything I love in. I think I can have it all work out though. I love the clean lines of mid-century modern and the art deco eras for the over all theme but then I'd like to have punches of modern graphic designs or a baroque styled piece of furniture scattered though out my house to give it a little more interest and personlity. I'm still trying to find some blog or design spread that fits this style for some inspiration, but most likely if I do find an inspirational piece then that will just spur more desire for more decorating and more nesting and more projects. Argh! How can I win this battle?

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Jen said...

Nesting is so hard. Especially when you want to change everything all at once. Luckily when I bought my house I already had a lot of things to decorate it, because I had been collecting for years. So I guess that's my advice--if you find something you love, and you can afford it, get it and display it. I love eclectic houses, because they have so much personality.

And as far as wanting things you can't yet afford or starting projects you don't finish, maybe you could make a mockup of rooms. Cut out pictures or print pictures of pieces you like, then design your own room, with wallpaper or wall colors or whatever. Then you'd have a portfolio to work with when you can afford to start filling a room.

Also, make a quilt with lots of fabrics and designs you love. Maybe that creativity will alleviate your desire to change everything and buy stuff and try to make it all fit.