I am so excited. I have been searching for cute little retro house dresses that are modest for a long time and I feel like I am finally starting to hit the jack pot. I'm not sure if more people are just making them now or if I finally am just stumbling onto the right places. First off, Jeff got me this adorable navy shirt wrap dress from Target for my Birthday. I love that it is long enough, has sleeves and, the best thing of all, it has pockets. Getting a cute little number like that made an already great Birthday even better. (When I get them uploaded I will put some pictures of our family gathering from my Birthday on here)

Now, thanks to one of my new favorite blogs - Design Mom - and being bored at work - I found another great little store that sells great house dresses. The Shabby Apple -
http://www.shabbyapple.com/default.aspx - they have a ton of cute dresses that really wont break the bank, especially when they have great sales. Pictured are a couple of my favorites.
I love that retro dresses are in style right now.

I think that it is pretty funny the way things work out. When I was in college I really thought I wanted to be a career woman, that the traditional roles for women were so degrading and I wanted to do something better. I'm not saying that I didn't want to have kids or a family, I did, but I was going to do it on my own-by my terms. Now that I am married I can hardly wait to start a family. Four years later I wish I could quit my job tomorrow to be a full time mom running around in little 50's house dresses, sewing, baking and teaching my children. I still want to do things my own way but I now no longer take shame in those traditional roles that have been given to women; instead I relish in them, take great pride in how important the role of a woman is (which I do understand to be more than baking and sewing). So, yes, now I get very excited over a dress and love it.

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Sarah said...

I love The Shabby Apple! They have great dresses! Oh and P.S. I totally haven't talked to you in forever! I'm SO sorry I missed your birthday too!! I can't wait to see the pictures!