Last year I was a total Grinch. I did not want to participate in any reindeer games! This year, I cannot get enough CHRISTMAS CHEER! Why am I loving Christmas so much this year? Maybe it is because we are so blessed. Maybe it's because my Christmas shopping in 95% done and I will be spending less than a few hundred buckaroos on all our gifts this year. Maybe I am just making up for last year, but I am totally lovin' this Christmas season.

Every year I help my youngest sister make her own gifts for everyone. This year one of our gifts was an advent calender for our parents. We took a plastic bead holder, Christmas scrapbook paper, and markers and turned it into a DIY advent calender.

Jade did every last thing herself. All I had to do was show her how it would work and she took care of the rest. She even thought of all the different activities to put into each jar with a little treat.

She did such a good job that a couple days later I made one for myself. I wanted something a little more simple. I loved the advent calenders I saw on Ohdeedoh, especially the coin envelop Christmas tree one. But, I refused to pay $17 for a box of coin envelops that I would never use again. It ended up coming together when I scored these white paper gift bags from Michael's for $2. They even came in a pack of 25, how much more perfect can you get?

All I used was the little gift bags, leftover scrapbook paper, ribbon, string, stamps, clips (from Jeff's birthday) and a little glitter (for #25). After an hour or so I had my very own, first ever, advent calender.

I even went out and bought my first ever wreath on Black Friday. Usually I don't go for this kind of stuff, you know. It's only used once a year, it is usually too expensive, cheaply made, and just a bunch of clutter "stuff" I don't need in my garage, but this year I didn't care. I want to decorate for Christmas and I don't care who knows it!

I am even trying to talk Jeff into going shopping with me the Monday after Christmas to get more decorations on sale. I am thinking that a full sized Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, and all the trimmings are in order (we still use my small tree from college). I don't think he is buying into my senseless, consumerism love of Christmas this year, but maybe he will come around. Hopefully next year I will still have enough Christmas spirit to actually put up all the new decorations :) Can't wait!


Jacob and Emily said...

You are so funny! You are so crafty that I can't picture you as a Grinch! I love the advent calendar too. Great ideas.

Emily, Joel and kids said...

You are so cute!! I love seeing all your awesome projects. It was so much fun to see you last week. I love you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas.