It has been a fun last couple of weeks. We went up to Cedar City, UT for my Cousins farewell, which also happened to be on mine and Jeff's anniversary weekend. We managed to get a little alone time in, we took a walk in the park and ate at my favorite restaurant in Cedar from my college days.
He is so cute. I just love him.

His favorite part of my beloved Cedar City is this hilarious sign at Evans Cosmetology school. He laughed so hard when he saw it, he made me stop so he could take pictures. He is a dork!
It was also so much fun to spend time with all my family. We had a good time. My grandmother pictured below is so beautiful. I hope I take after her. I am blessed with two wonderful, beautiful grandmothers.

Then, on the 8th, it was Jeff's Birthday. He is a few months younger than I am so I'm always glad when he finally turns the same age as me, then he can't tease me about being old anymore. I made his favorite jello cake.
I got him an electric violin, I was so glad he liked it! I love listening to him play so it was sort of a gift for me, but he really needed his own violin too. We went over to his parents and all the family in town came for a traditional Bame B-day.

This weekend we just spent relaxing, so I decided to bake my first pie. I made an apple pie from scratch. I'm still too scared to taste it but I hope it turned out alright. I don't have things like a rolling pin or an apple corer so I just made due.

We put an offer in on a house this week so I needed something to occupy my mind. We are still waiting to hear if the bank is going to accept our offer but I can't help decorating the house and planning in my head. I needed a distraction and pie is always a good distraction!

Tonight we are going to see We are Scientist and Kings of Leon so that will be a good distraction too! The tickets were part of my anniversary present for Jeff. We are Scientist was the show we saw on our first date years ago. Since it was the paper anniversary I gave him the concert tickets, a scrap book of him when he was little, and cuff links made from vintage typewriter keys. It was all paper themed.

Keep your fingers crossed for us on the house!


Luann said...

Amber- Sending good luck vibes on the house. Love the Cedar City pictures. Enjoy the beautiful pie.

Jen said...

Good luck on the house. The waiting for that sucks. I hope you guys get it--how exciting!

And I'm totally impressed you made an apple pie. Especially without the necessary thingies.

Sarah said...

Did you get a rolling pin? I can't believe you made a pie without one! Did it taste good?

The Bames said...

No, I still don't have a rolling pin. I just put flour on a long round glass I have and rolled out the crust that way. It was a bit more work I guess but the pie turned out tasting great anyways.

I guess I should go get more kitchen supplies but our apartment kitchen is so small I don't know where I'd put it. Hopefully our new house will have a bigger kitchen so I can stock up!!